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Facial Massaging Orb
Face, Specials
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The Sh’Zen Facial Massaging Orb is a stainless steel beauty tool that can be used alone on clean, dry skin or with your chosen Sh’Zen moisturizer or facial oil. It can be used cold or warm — your personal preference! The Sh’Zen Massaging Orb is a innovative stainless steel beauty tool to revive the facial muscles just below the skin providing a strengthening lifting effect for a more chiselled cheekbone look, especially when used with the Sh’Zen facial oils, body oils or serums. This steel ball glides effortlessly over the face and neck, in fact wherever you are experiencing muscle pain be it the neck, shoulders or legs, cool relief is instantaneous. Consistent regular use in a limited time, about two minutes per area, improves the sub-dermal functions for a healthier skin and increases muscle tone.